8 Things to Consider When Finding Certified Permanent Makeup Artist
8 Things to Consider When Finding Certified Permanent Makeup Artist

Undergoing the micropigmentation process requires a lot of preparation. Even if it is not an invasive medical surgery, there are still factors you need to look out for to ensure a safe procedure with the best results. One key element to the success of your procedure will be the right cosmetic tattoo artist.

As cosmetic tattooing grows in popularity, many PMU artists and studios are popping up everywhere. Having more options is great, but at the same time, it forces you to be more decisive about where and with whom you’ll undergo the process with. 

The whole research process might also get overwhelming because of the abundance of choices out there. To help you, here are some things you need to consider in finding a certified permanent makeup artist or cosmetic tattoo artist.

Finding the Right Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

When doing your research, here are some of the factors you need to consider to find the perfect cosmetic tattoo artist for what you are looking for:

Excellent Reviews

Like mentioned earlier, there are many options for permanent makeup artists out there. Also, with the help of the internet, it is not that hard to do a simple search online on studios around your area. 

Once you shortlisted some potential artists and studios, check their reviews online. You may check what past clients may have said about them on search engines or their social media. Avoid places with no or minimal reviews as this is a sign that they are either still new to this business or do not offer excellent services. Do not risk going to places with no reviews or bad ratings.

If you know someone that has undergone the process before, you can ask them for recommendations personally. This is best as you have more assurance that you are in good hands. You may also go to forums and see which place they recommend to have micropigmentation done.

However, do not base your decision from just seeing reviews online. Go to the studios and meet the cosmetic tattoo artist yourself.

Informative Consultation

Once you have found a studio, with reviews that you’re satisfied with, you can already book a consultation with the permanent makeup artist. It doesn’t mean that once you already did a meeting with a specific artist, you are obligated to choose them. Instead, your conversation can be the deciding factor if you are going forward with your procedure in their studio.

During the consultation, don’t be shy to ask questions as it is a way to evaluate the artist’s credibility. Pay attention to how he or she answers your questions. If they speak fluently and answer your questions without hesitation, they have probably done the procedure numerous times. Also, make sure that the whole process is explained to you clearly, including possible complications like allergy or irritation. 

Your artist should talk to you about aesthetics as well. Talk about the right colour that matches your skin tone and what pigments will best suit your skin type. It is best to have someone knowledgeable about these things, but more importantly, it is vital to have someone honest with the possible outcome of the procedure. A good PMU artist can make you set realistic expectations.

As the consultation process is such a vital part of preparing for your surgery, get someone you are comfortable talking to. You need to be able to ask them anything without hesitation. Trust your gut. If you leave your conversation unsatisfied, try going somewhere else.

Proper Certification and Training

Even if micropigmentation is not a major medical procedure, a cosmetic artist still needs to undergo a certain amount of training to become a certified permanent makeup artist. With that said, certification alone does not make an excellent cosmetic tattoo artist, though it is assuring to know that you’re with someone who took time to properly learn their craft.

During your consultation, observe how the artist will answer your questions about pigment colour. Colour selection is one of the many lessons a makeup artist learns in training before they can work with the client. Also, don’t be shy to ask them what the last course they took and where they did their training. You can also do your research about the training facility they went to if you want to be sure about their credibility.

Most importantly, find someone aware of the latest trends, technology, and techniques in permanent makeup. This means that they continuously seek to improve their skill, giving their clients the best results possible.

Professional Experience

Take note of the professional experience of your PMU artist. Of course, years of professional experience is assuring, but it doesn’t equate to a good makeup artist. The essential thing to find out is how many procedures they do daily or weekly. If they have a packed schedule, it may mean that they’re well-trained with lots of experience. They are also more likely up-to-date with the latest trends in makeup. If they only have one or two sessions a week, it may mean that they’re skill is not as polished despite their years of experience. It may also mean that they focus on other specialities rather than micropigmentation.

Finding a cosmetic tattoo artist who has experience as a makeup artist is also a plus. Most PMU artists are estheticians, which is not a bad thing. Someone who has experience working as a makeup artist has an easier time assessing a client and knowing their needs based on their bone structure and skin colour.

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A Good Portfolio

Of course, you shouldn’t base your decision based on words. You need to see photos to assess the skill of the artist. A certified permanent makeup artist is confident in showing their portfolio once you ask for it. Make sure to see the before and after photos to be sure of the results of their previous procedure. 

When checking the portfolio, see the range of the artist; check if they can do the same procedure with different styles and colour. If you only see the same look throughout, it may mean that they don’t have the versatility to achieve the results that you want. Finally, even if they show a wide range of styles, make sure they fit what you are looking for. Do not compromise what you want to get out of your procedure.

Adequate Hygienic Measures

Even if micropigmentation is not an invasive procedure, it may still involve a little bit of blood, depending on how your skin would react. When you pay your visit, make sure to see if the studio uses sterilized needles and undergo proper disinfection measures. A clean studio can be telling of low chances of infection or allergy after your procedure.

Reasonable Price

The price of PMU treatments depends on many factors, such as the pigments’ quality and the artist’s experience. Stay away from places which offer their services at a suspiciously low price. Lower prices may mean that the artist is inexperienced or lacks a license and proper training. See if their price makes sense with the quality of their service, or compare prices of different studios. If you do not have enough money to afford a certified permanent makeup artist, it is best to wait and do it properly later. 

Also, if you have many good options to choose from, their price can be the final deciding factor.

Proper Correction Policies

The job of a cosmetic tattoo artist does not stop with one session. Some treatments require touch-up sessions to retain their results. Check for the studio’s correction policy and if they are included in the price.

Certified Permanent Makeup Artists in Singapore

If you are investing for your PMU procedure, make sure that your artist uses quality materials for the best and safest results. This includes using the best quality pigments in the market.

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Swiss Color also trains cosmetic tattoo artists to master the principles of micropigmentation. It keeps up-to-date with the latest trends in makeup, using state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques. Look for certified Swiss Color Artists in Singapore to get the best results for you. 

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