Swiss Liner-Advanced | Permanent Make-Up Device | Swiss Color

This is an innovative disposable sanitary module from Swiss Color. What we offer is a high level of safety in terms of hygiene. When the hygiene module is removed, the needle will immediately be discarded into the needle jet. Thereby reduces the risk of injury and infection in case there is any contact of the needle with the user. Which in turn minimizes the associated risks of infection like HIV or HBV.

Rapid switch of the modules and the color is now made possible by this innovation and convenient module system.

Device is certified to the standards: EN61000 -6-3: 2001, EN61000 -6-1: 2001, EN55022: 1998.
All Swiss Liner Devices are made in Germany and CE certified for its manufacturing medical grade quality.

Swiss Liner-Advanced

Swiss Liner Advanced is specially created for semi-permanent makeup artists that strongly believe in the natural appearance of their work. This device supplements every artist’s technique, and allows a gentle operation, soft results and convincing handling for a long-lasting permanent make-up drawing.

Sleek & Chic

  • Digital screen display
  • Built in hand piece holder
  • Ideal model for long working hours
  • Comes with detachable foot pedal
  • Compatible with disposable hygiene cartridges