Five Things You Need to Know About Eyeliner Embroidery
Five Things You Need to Know About Eyeliner Embroidery

As more and more women become conscious of how they look, opting to try beauty enhancement has been their way to cope. One of the things they are conscious of is the daily look of their eyes. Most women want to apply eyeliner every day, but they find it hassle to do it due to multiple reasons. With that, they look for ways to solve this beauty concern, and the availability of semi-permanent makeup technology has made it possible to look good all the time – this technology is called eyeliner embroidery. 

Eyeliner Embroidery is a semi-permanent makeup procedure usually done either on top of the upper eye line or outer half of the lower eye line to make the eyes look more defined, awake, and refreshed. If you are one of those women who have been looking for eye enhancement, it will be vital for you to know the information about eyeliner embroidery. Listed below are the five (5) things you need to know about the procedure. 

1. It Is a Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatment

As women want to have semi-permanent makeup, they consider having eyeliner embroidery to make them more presentable and to avoid the hassle of constantly re-applying makeup. Because we can classify this procedure as a semi-permanent makeup, you need to expect that the inserted pigment will not stay forever and will fade away over time. If you want to retain it, you will need to get it touched up as it fades. 

2. The Procedure Is Not as Painful as You Think It Is

When you hear the word eyeliner embroidery, you might think about pain. Surprisingly, in eyeliner embroidery, there is only a slight sensation of pain or discomfort, especially when you hire a professional artist. Some use embroidery equipment to push the ink into the eyelid but putting a numbing cream can help reduce the pain. Though, some use the latest microshading method that is found painless and effective. 

3. There Are a Variety of Eyeliner Embroidery Style

Most women follow the trend in fashion, which is why women always make sure that their looks will be suitable for their get-up. As for the look of your eyes, you will no longer need to worry about which style you will need because eyeliner embroidery usually has three types of styles. One is the most natural look, the second is the classic eyeliner, and the last one is the shadow eyeliner. You are free to choose which style you would like to have for your eyes, for a beautiful and fashionable you. 

The first style is called inner eyeliner. This style is known to be the most natural-looking style where pigments are inserted between your eyelashes resulting in a darkened lash line. The second one, which is called the classic eyeliner, is the insertion of pigments above the lash line. This style is popular with those women who look for a hassle-free daily makeup routine. The last one is the luminous or the shadow eyeliner that aims to create a unique effect in the eyelids. The pigments are implanted above your lash line for a shadowy look on the upper eyelids and slowly fades towards the wing. 

4. The Procedure Time and When Will the Results Fade

Eyeliner embroidery only requires 2 to 3 hours of procedure time, including the artist’s preparation time, which also depends on the style you want to have.  

As for the results, it usually is best for a year but it varies from person to person. Thus, if the eyeliner fades away, you can opt to make a touch-up with your trusted artist.

5. The Post Care Routine

After the procedure, you need to take into account the aftercare for your embroidered eyelids. Your professional artist will be giving you instructions about the things you should do and avoid after the procedure. Listed below are some of the things you can add or consider. 

  • Do not touch the treatment area to avoid scarring. 
  • Wear sunglasses to avoid direct sunlight as the eyelids will be sensitive. 
  • When the eyes are sore, you can use eye drops. 
  • You may use artificial tears on eyeliner to cleanse and moisten the eye area. 
  • You can also apply clean chill pads and lay them over your swollen eyes
  • Refrain from driving for the first 24 hours. 
  • Let your eyes rest over the next few days as the area will be sensitive.

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