Swiss Color OS Semi Permanent Makeup Pigments Singapore

What Makes Our Pigment Special

A magnet experiment was carried out to test between two kinds of pigment, one from Brand X while another from Swiss Color®.


Swiss Color® OS Semi-Permanent Makeup Pigments

The world’s first Swiss Color® OS semi-permanent makeup pigments are free of iron oxides, color-stable, opaque and last longer in the skin!

We only use medical grade pigments in which the quality of the raw material (according to ResAP 2008 1 ) is guaranteed, and we run further tests by independent accredited laboratories. The optimal size of the pigment grains is 2 microns. Our OS semi-permanent pigments are size optimized. Thus we achieve a very high pigment density, colorfastness and maximum pigment accumulation in the skin.

Features of OS Semi-Permanent Makeup Pigments

The blending component of our semi-permanent makeup pigments is thin with low surface tension, thus the color gets optimally absorbed with the hygiene module and worked into the skin. This technique allows a very fast and effective pigmenting with less damage to the skin.

Benefits at a glance:

  • no discoloration
  • better durability in the skin
  • less rework
  • less pain, due to delicate work

Swiss Color® OS semi-permanent makeup pigments are available in more than 50 countries worldwide as well as other high-quality semi-permanent makeup pigments, through Swiss Color® Singapore. Visit the shop to order our premium medical grade semi-permanent makeup pigments in Singapore.

Colors available: