Swiss Color Eyeliner Embroidery Pigment Singapore

What Makes Our Pigment Special

A magnet experiment was carried out to test between two kinds of pigment, one from Brand X while another from Swiss Color®.


Swiss Color® SC Eyeliner Embroidery Pigment

Swiss Color® SC eyeliner embroidery pigment is the solution to make the perfect eyeliner, which offers great results and shorter working duration. They all contain Carbon Black, which is very opaque.

SC Eyeliner Embroidery Pigment, the solution to make the perfect eyeliner.

Swiss Color® SC Eyeliner embroidery pigments are available in more than 50 countries worldwide as well as other high-quality semi-permanent makeup pigments, through Swiss Color Singapore. Visit the shop to order our premium medical grade semi-permanent makeup pigments in Singapore.

Colors available: