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Lift Meso Startset

Lift MESO Concept is a new approach for the regeneration and the juvenescence of different skin areas. The Lift MESO Concept consists of the Lift MESO Treatment and a care for home, to support the effect and make it stronger. The Lift MESO Treatments create small micro openings in the epidermis to optimize the intrusion of the active ingredients into the skin. The ingredients nourish the skin with moisture and stimulate the formation of new collagen and elastic fibers.

The Lift MESO Startset includes the following products:

  • 2x Lift MESO Modules, 8 pc.1x TISSUCARE, 100ml – for tissue structure
  • 1x TROPHOCARE, 100ml – for reduction of wrinkles
  • 1x EYECARE, 30ml
  • 1x GLYCOLYC -A 10%, 100ml
  • 50x Lift MESO Flyer for free