Swiss Color IL Lip Micropigmentation Pigments Singapore

Swiss Color®颜料的与众不同

我们针对Swiss Color®颜料和X牌颜料实施了一项磁铁实验。


Swiss Color® IL绣唇颜料

专为ombre、pixel、magic shading、powder与pearl lips技术而开发。

Swiss Color® 自豪地向你展示Swiss Color® IL绣唇颜料,这是我们通过不断研发而开发出的全新医用级颜料系列。

I = 鲜艳明亮

L = 嘴唇

这种新的永久性化妆颜料系列已在我们的瑞士实验室进行了研究与研发,并且进行了36个月的测试。IL绣唇颜料是专门为新的不同绣唇技术而配制的,如ombre、pixel、magic shading、powder、pearl或是lollipop lips。我们也建议使用这些医用级唇部颜料使嘴唇轮廓能够更加妩媚艳丽。由于唇部的皮肤层较少,因此我们的目标是找出最适合的颜料来完美符合唇部的特殊需求。


我们的Swiss Color® IL 绣唇颜料系列包含了10种不同的红色。从性感红唇的正红色至带有酒红色的深色栗子色颜料,再到最近流行的带有粉色的桃红色等等。

Swiss Color® IL绣唇颜料与其他高品质的半永久化妆颜料都已在全球50多个国家销售,其中包括新加坡。浏览我们的网站,以订购高品质医用级的半永久化妆颜料。

The newly developed PFO (PIGMENT FLOW OPTIMIZING) systems from Swiss Color Pigments offer the correct flow consistency for all application techniques (Pixel, Shading, Ombre, Nano and Microblading 3D).

We optimize and refine the raw pigment to a qualitative IB pigment. In order to meet the requirements of today, in recent years in Switzerland we have improved the technique of pigments and investigated their behavior in the skin with its various properties. After this research, we were able to start and develop the basis for our new intensive pigments IB.

The process of pigment refinement is called PFO – PIGMENT FLOW OPTIMIZING

Thanks to PFO we get a smooth and velvety soft color texture, which facilitates and shortens a training period. The injury and penetration of the needle into the skin is thus also reduced, which has the positive effect for the healing process of the skin and reduces the formation of micro-scabs. Therefore, the pigments stay longer in the skin and shows a natural result.

  • 3D NANO